Beiersdorf Croatia d.o.o. is using Mediatoolkit to monitor mentions about relevant topics and creating reports & analytics

Beiersdorf Croatia d.o.o. is one of more than 150 international branches of the cosmetics company Beiersdorf AG based in Hamburg. Their international success is based on research and development expertise, innovative products, and strong brands. The C.A.R.E. + strategy, which stands for Courage, Aspiration, Responsibility, and Empathy, has been part of the company's foundation for nearly 140 years. C.A.R.E. + sets care as the goal they always strive for, and they rely on these four features to sharpen their vision for the future and use their competitive advantages.

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Beiersdorf Croatia d.o.o.





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How do they use Mediatoolkit

Beiersdorf Croatia d.o.o. wants to expand the scope of monitoring content on the web and social networks. They are interested in monitoring the competition, trends, influencers, topics, consumers’ wants and needs, and so on. Their goal is to get a better insight into the endless world of the Internet and the topics that interest them.

To achieve this goal, they use Mediatoolkit on a daily basis to check posts related to the topics they follow. They also use the tool on a monthly basis for monthly reports, as well as semiannual and annual analyses. Their brand managers receive daily emails with links to new mentions. That makes it easier for them to access mentions and enables real-time information about what has been said about the company and where.

How did Mediatoolkit help them

With Mediatoolkit, they optimised mention tracking, whether in the media or on social networks. In the tool, they can go through important topics and news in the category that interests them on a daily basis. They especially emphasise the importance of information from markets in which they are not physically present. Mediatoolkit provides them with constant insights and keeps them up-to-date with market trends, competition campaigns, news…

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