Broks Vision uses Mediatoolkit for different kind of social media listening and reporting to their clients

Broks Vision is one of the biggest PR agencies in Bulgaria, with over 25 years on the local market. They provide full marketing and communications services and work with a big portfolio of local and international clients, operating in different areas of business.

Their goal is to always give 100% and build strong partnerships that help businesses grow and thrive.

Name of company

Broks Vision





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How they use Mediatoolkit

They need Mediatoolkit to provide a different kind of social media listening and reporting to their clients and the tool is of great help for their work. Broks Vision uses Mediatoolkit mainly for social media listening as it gets most of the online discussions in real-time and offers a very intuitive user experience in the process.

How Mediatoolkit helps them

Mediatoolkit helps them get their job done and make their clients happy.  Also, it provides a daily digest of important topics and monitors the brand mentions in real-time as well as audience behaviour.

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