Donath Business & Media uses Mediatoolkit alerts to stay on top of all mentions

Donath Business & Media is all about Public Relations and Public Affairs done right.

They provide Public relations services to their clients and handle communications on behalf of them.

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Donath Business & Media




Czech Republic

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How they use Mediatoolkit

Donath Business & Media needs to make sure that the public image of their clients is not in danger. They use Mediatoolkit to make them aware of any mentions of their client’s names on the Internet.

To keep up, they’ve set up email alerts to make sure they do not miss any mentions.

How Mediatoolkit helps them

On several occasions, Donath Business & Media they were able to take notice of a potential problem in (almost) real-time. They note that Mediatoolkit is their assurance they won't miss any potentially serious problem brewing up on the Internet.

They recommend everyone to try Mediatoolkit because it is simple, yet powerful, and easy to use and set up.

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