The City of Dubrovnik uses Mediatoolkit for understanding public opinion and quick reaction in crises situations

The City of Dubrovnik is a unit of local self-government within its self-governing scope, and in accordance with the Law on Local and Regional Self-Government, performs activities of local importance that directly meet the needs of citizens and are not assigned to state bodies by the Constitution or law.

Since the City of Dubrovnik is a unit of local self-government, their goals are specific and are primarily aimed at creating the desired quality of life and work in their administrative area, improving public services provided by the City and the realisation of capital investments in communal and social infrastructure. Some of the ideas that the City of Dubrovnik promotes and whose realisation is strategically oriented are the sustainable development of destinations and solutions that fall under the Smart City concept of resource management, in order to achieve the highest quality of life for their citizens.

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How they use Mediatoolkit

Due to the tools and processes The City of Dubrovnik uses, Mediatoolkit is a great fit because it records in real-time the opinions of their citizens on their public activities. That allows them to make better decisions in crisis situations and react promptly when a situation requires an urgent response.

How Mediatoolkit helps them

They say that Mediatoolkit is a really valuable tool in their daily work. They use it as a source of new information, media announcements, posts on social networks, and most importantly as an indicator of the public mood on certain topics, because thanks to Mediatoolkit, they can accurately understand public opinion. Also, thanks to Mediatoolkit, they can realistically assess the reach of their public messaging to correct possible omissions in the future and communicate better.

They certainly hold that the use of Mediatoolkit has greatly facilitated daily work for all the above reasons. They no longer have to "Google" publications because all the necessary information is presented to them in one place at the time of their creation, which is crucial in their work. Reporting and analysis capabilities are also useful benefits that this tool offers.

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