European Parliament Information Office Croatia prevents information overload

The European Parliament Information Office in Zagreb used to spend hours trying to collect relevant news for their daily info-newsletter received by Croatian Members of the European Parliament.

The newsletter, distributed once a day, took a lot of time to create, since the employees had to manually search for every piece of news. Then the Office discovered Mediatoolkit, an automated way to do all that hard work in seconds.

Name of company

European Parliament Information Office Croatia


Government bodies and NGOs



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What they were asking for

A solution that can save time by tracking relevant news both from websites and social media, but without the hassle of going through a complicated setup or user-onboarding.

What they are getting from Mediatoolkit

  • A daily collection of top articles from websites
  • A daily collection of most popular social media posts
  • 24/7 coverage of online news
  • Virality alerts for important topics

How it works

Mediatoolkit can find social media and website mentions instantly, and the filters make it easy to sort them by reach and virality. By searching for a large number of keywords, Mediatoolkit provides real-time updates about the latest news from Croatian politics and economy, all sorted according to relevance.

On average, Mediatoolkit finds approximately 2000 mentions per day, with approximately 15% coming from social media. The mentions are delivered via sets of emails, but they can also be found inside the tool itself.

It would take hours to go through each piece of news to decipher which are the most popular in Croatia, and by extension, important for MEP’s to know. With Mediatoolkit, the selection is done in minutes.

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