HI-LIGHTS agency is using Mediatoolkit for continuous monitoring of relevant mentions

HI-LIGHTS is a communications agency focused on media monitoring and analysis as well as monitoring of social media. Their clients are from public and private spheres from various areas of business (energy, transport, law, political parties, development, gastronomy etc.).

Their goal is precise information processing from monitoring to the analysis of the client's media image and communication profile and flawless capturing all client-relevant keyword mentions.

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Czech Republic

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How they use Mediatoolkit

HI-LIGHTS uses Mediatoolkit mostly for monitoring mentions of relevant keywords on Facebook and Twitter but also in media articles. In other words, for so-called continuous monitoring.

How Mediatoolkit helps them

They say that they often come across poor social media monitoring tools that do not capture all mentions, do not work with the Czech language (do not take into account the special characters of the Czech alphabet), do not monitor all social media, etc. For them, Mediatoolkit works very well. Although from time to time the tool misses some mention, the support team is always ready to help. And above all, Mediatoolkit works excellently with the Czech alphabet.

Instead of hours spent searching for relevant mentions, they can easily get the overview by few clicks and in a few seconds in Mediatoolkit. They get a great overview of social media coverage of keywords they defined as well as perfectly functional continuous monitoring.

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