Koschare GmBh uses Mediatoolkit for client's crisis and emergency management

Koschare GmBh are experts in crisis and emergency management with 24/7 support for their customers. They want to offer customers optimal support and solutions in prevention, intervention and follow-up of crisis and emergency management.

In addition to practical support, they advise their customers on crisis and emergency management systems and train employees based on the findings of neuroleadership.

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Koschare GmBh

Crisis management



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How do they use Mediatoolkit

Mediatoolkit reliably provides them with the necessary information at all times in case of an unexpected incident, but also in preventing negative events. Koschare GmBh uses Mediatoolkit daily on desktop and mobile to generate up-to-date, fast and reliable information across the board at all times. That way they are able to well advise their customers in the event of an incident. Also, the rapid detection of potential crises gives them more time to compose quality press releases.

The most important feature for them is alerts. Alerts notify them when the number of mentions starts growing rapidly which can be a sign of a crisis in the making.

With Mediatoolkit and the results that the tool delivers, they are able to offer added value to their customers.

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