Misc Games is using Mediatoolkit to track illegal YouTube videos and monitor public perception

Misc Games is a game developing company that created Fishing: Barents Sea and Fishing: North Atlantic games available on PCs and Consoles. Their goal is to make the best boat simulation games in the world.

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Misc Games





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How do they use Mediatoolkit

Misc Games uses Mediatoolkit to find everything that is written about them and their games. They note that this also helps them find and take down illegal YouTube videos about downloading their games for free. To stay up-to-date, they use Slack integration. But they also track what is written about their games daily and compare the data with their sales statistics.

How did Mediatoolkit help them

With Mediatoolkit, Misc Games have a better overview of public perception when it comes to their games. Now, they can track and log everything and also analyze where they are mentioned. They have tried different tracking tools, but Mediatoolkit has so far delivered what they need in their daily operations.

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