Span uses Mediatoolkit to discover popular topics and create content

Span is a market leader in the implementation of IT solutions for business development with 25 years of experience.

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For Span, the overriding challenge is to develop and expand the business in the Western European market. To achieve greater brand recognition, they create quality content and work on gaining user confidence in cyber security. Their marketing team recognized Mediatoolkit’s ability to follow popular topics from the IT industry, and in addition, they follow the mentions of Span and their members. Thus, they cover the area of ​​finding new topics for content creators, but also protect against attacks with malicious content.

By combining Mediatoolkit alerts and reports, Span successfully discovers popular topics before over-saturating its content, while creating industry leader status in new markets.

One of the successful examples of using Mediatoolkit happened on the topic of cyber security. NotPetya is a malicious program that takes control of Windows computers with blackmail messages used by virus creators to extort bitcoin. The day before the NotPetya attack, which caused billions in damage in Europe and America, Span received an alert from Mediatoolkit of an increased number of mentions of cyber security topics.

Span experts checked what was going on, and they were able to warn their users and advise them how to protect themselves. In addition, in cooperation with the marketing team, they published articles on the portal and further promoted them via the newsletter. Soon, the topic started trending, their amount of organic traffic from the web was increased three times, and users remained protected.

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