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Marketing and PR agency Status Produkcija from Croatia is specialized in public relations, community management and event management in the music and entertainment industry.

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It is a go-to agency for promoting music artists in Croatia, which is why the agency provides a turnkey service that includes everything from promoting music works and organizing concerts to managing communication strategies and publicity tasks.

Status Produkcija also provides promotion and event management for clients in the HoReCa market.

Status Produkcija uses Mediatoolkit to track the names of their events and clients as they appear on websites and social media. By doing this, they are able to quickly assess the current popularity rate of the project, the share of voice and what topics are most frequently discussed in connection to the project.

In addition to real-time alerts, team members receive a daily digest with all the mentions from the previous day.

The combination of the two features enables them to keep their clients updated on the progress on an almost daily basis. They find that the data from Mediatoolkit such as the individual reach of every mention and the virality potential, helps their clients understand the importance of their work and the impact that they are making.

In short, when it comes to communicating the results of their digital efforts to clients, Status Produkcija looks no further than Mediatoolkit’s report tab.

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