Zadar Tourist Board tracks mentions of Zadar and its cultural heritage in various languages

Zadar Tourist Board shows and suggests tourist offers around the city, as well as accommodation, autochthonous gourmand delicacies, cultural monuments and a variety of excursion programs with numerous activities. They combine the beauty of the past with all the privileges that the modern traveller demands.

Their main goal is to present Zadar as a unique and attractive destination and they want people to visit Zadar and explore its beauties. They want to make anyone's stay in Zadar memorable.

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Zadar Tourist Board





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How do they use Mediatoolkit

Zadar Tourist Board wants to monitor how Zadar is represented on social media, both locally and internationally. They track Zadar mentions in many languages and share that content all over their social media. Also, they track mentions of some of the most famous monuments and attractions in the city, and some of the main events too.

How did Mediatoolkit help them

They say that Mediatoolkit is an excellent monitoring tool that helps them track mentions of the city and its success online. The content they find in the tool saves them a lot of time and also helps them manage their social media accounts. Mediatoolkit proved to be helpful during online campaigns, as well.

With Mediatoolkit, they were able to see how Zadar was represented on social media, and insights they found in the tool were more than helpful in planning their further activities.

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